01 February 2015

Gen 4 Chapter 51

Ok, last one... potential for Generation 5 is, say, 75% at this point. But I must say that I'm very proud of Ariel's kids for taking her anti-water message to heart.



Gen 4 Chapter 50

And more... teen drama and flamingos!

Gen 4 Chapter 49

So I discovered that I had a few drafts still pending here. It's been so long that I have no idea what was going on... still, I'm going to throw these up, just for fun. The families for all of my legacies are long lost, so IF I start up again, it will be with a reconstructed offspring of Ariel and Blu and starting with Generation 5...

But the pictures are still fun!



13 January 2014

Gen 4 Chapter 48: Now, where was I again?

Sometimes, it feels like I've lost all sense of time. Like days and weeks and months have passed, but really it's only been a few hours.

I don't know what that's all about.

Anyway, is it any wonder that I don't know were the kids are most of the time? It's a lot to keep track of.

They're just lucky I can remember their names! There's Yeti and...

Well, it will come to me, I'm sure.

Apparently, I adopted a new kitty! This is Henry. Henry Hodgins. Isn't he just the cutest?

I decided to give BOB a thrill and sculpt him. In my underwear. There's no way he'll get the wrong idea from that.

Then this happened.


Wait, what? I know that I sometimes lose track of time and that we moved and all... but I don't even like kids!

I mean, I like my kids... Yeti and Snow and the other one... well enough. But babies are hard and annoying.

I'm pretty sure that this is all Blu's fault.

My little princess Yeti is a such a good kid, though. She does her homework all by herself.

She does everything all by herself! She's very independent. I've taught her well.

Maybe she'll take care of this new baby.

I decided to distract myself by doing a non-person sculpture.

So I sculpted a rock! Isn't it amazing?

I'm good.

We finally got around to finishing Yeti's birthday!

We invited some neighbors over for a party. One of them scratched the furniture! Was he raised in the woods? The nerve of some people. I suppose that might be ok in his home, but it certainly isn't ok in mine!

Some people have no manners.

Later, that same guy was out watching BOB play his music with a bird on his arm. (The guy's arm, not BOB's arm. It would be hard to play the guitar with a bird on your arm.)

What a weirdo.

Anyway, here's my girl almost all grown up! She looks tired here, or bored. So... basically a normal teenager.

She's good with her little sister, though! It's so strange that Snow has such a fair complexion, don't you think?

Bumble! The boy's name is Bumble!

I wonder where he's gotten himself off to...

A/N: So this is the first of four posts using up the pictures that I'd taken but never uploaded! It's been so long since I've played this that I'm not 100% sure what's going on, but that suits Ariel. The pregnancy was a total surprise, though. I have no idea when Blu and Ariel managed that without me noticing! The adoption of Henry completes Ariel's LTW of adopting cats, even though my game only thinks she's adopted 1/6. This generation has had all kinds of trouble!

Speaking of which, I tried loading my game yesterday and it crashed almost immediately. Is there any hope that updating my mods will help? Or should I just bag it, put up an heir poll, reinstall the works, and start over fresh with Generation 5?


Kitty cuteness! Nova likes little Henry.

BOB can't get to Snow...

Awww, Nemo. Kicked to the curb again?

And this is where I discovered that I'd forgotten to keep relationships intact the last time I moved everyone around... Nemo is such a ladies man that Ariel can't resist him. He's your brother, Ariel! There will be no more attraction hearts!

Ariel and Sebastian didn't get along very well after the move. I still can't get used to his new hair.

Margo (Ariel's niece) and Clark Wonder seem to be hitting it off, though!

That puddle in the background? Frank Wonder. Apparently, he's not exactly housebroken in this file.

Ok, maybe it's the pregnancy hormones. Ariel, you can not have attraction hearts for a teen boy!!! I don't know why she's seeing him as an adult. It's all so weird.

Also, Blu. Stop having hearts with Diana Wonder. I might have to stop inviting these people to parties at this rate!!!

12 January 2014

New Year's Resolution

So, it's been forever since I updated! I don't even remember my own story and I haven't Simmed in months... so I made a resolution to get back to it!

I'm going to get some posts up this week on one or the other of these blogs! I'm kind of excited to rediscover my families...

20 August 2013

Gen 4 Chapter 47: We moved?

You know, I could get used to this not knowing what's going on thing... especially if it means that I get to wake up in a brand new house!

I love the new house. It's just the right size for all of us and it's so pretty.

Plus, there's a flock of flamingos on the lawn! And it's near Sebastian and Puzzle and Nemo and Margo!

Life is pretty good!

I wonder where the kids are.

BOB has been inspired by the move, too. He's decided to rejoin his music career. You may remember that he got fired from it last time because he missed work too much. He was too busy taking care of the babies! He's such a good metal nanny.

Since Yeti and Bumble are practically raising themselves now and Snow is getting so big, he thought now was a good time to stick his toe back into music.


Blu and I don't own the gym anymore. I'm not sure why. I think it had something to do with moving to the new house.

Either way, we still love to work out together!


I've finally won Blu over on the evils of water, too! It took years, but I think he's finally cured of whatever fascination he used to have with it. I have no idea what the appeal is to people, really.


I rewarded Blu for coming to his senses by complimenting his muscles. I love his muscles. So does he!

It's good that we're so compatible.


I really think that this house is going to work out well for us!

But I do wonder where the children are. I suppose they've gone off to school?


I tried to watch a little TV, but BOB was kind of hovering. I enjoy his company and all, but sometimes I worry that he's a little too attached. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

At least he's taking good care of Snow so that I don't have to!


I decided to spend time with Blu instead. I'm getting so good at sculpting that now I'm allowed to sculpt statues of actually people! I don't know who makes those rules, I could have totally made statues before, but I was so excited to have Blu as my first subject!


I'm good!

I think I captured his physique perfectly!

It's probably because I'm so familiar with it.

I celebrated my success by doing more "research" on the subject of Blu's muscles. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.


Later, I moved Blu's statue into place. Doesn't he look fantastic commanding a flock of flamingos?!?!


A/N: Fairly short one, but I wanted to get the chapter out there. I have a bunch of pics ready to upload, if I ever get around to it! I'm kind of excited for school to start for that very reason...

By the way, what do we think of the Sims 4?


BOB likes Blu well enough but he kind of wants him to go away.

BOB and Ariel weren't talking or anything, but he plussed at her as soon as Blu left the room! BOB definitely has ulterior motives here.

I dropped Sebastian's family into the new game file, too. This is the hair that the game gave him to replace is fantastic (Charles') hair since I dumped all custom content. Puzzle's reaction about sums it up.

I don't think that Sebastian likes it, either!

That's better. A little, anyway. I still miss the Charles' hair.

09 August 2013

New house!

So I binned the Hodgins in an attempt to stop the frequent game crashing. (I also binned Sebastian, Puzzle, Nemo and Margo so that they could come back, too!)

The verdict is still out on whether or not this will actually stop the problem since I really have no idea what is causing the problem. It only affects this one game!

Anyway, I decided to move the whole family into the house across the street from Sebastian and family. It suits Ariel better, I think.


There's a lot of animal stuff scattered around the house, which Ariel loves. There's also this greenhouse looking hot house, perfect for reptiles!


But it was the flock of flamingos on the front yard that sold me on the place. It just seems like something that Ariel would want.


So here's the first floor. The bedroom in the bottom left corner is for BOB, but he has to share it with Bonehilda. I put the girls in the one on the upper right and Bumble gets his own room on the upper left.

Also, Ariel's sculpting station is in the front yard.


Upstairs is the master suite.


I installed Blu's exercise equipment on the side yard and the small back porch fits all of the required kitty stuff for Ariel's adoptees.


The new neighborhood. Hopefully, it will be good to the Hodgins!